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UAB „Ateities laboratorija“


1392-2150 €/mon. Gross
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Vilnius - UAB „Ateities laboratorija“

Saulės Gojus is...

...a caring and welcoming community;
...your opportunities to improve and implement your creative ideas;
...personalised professional support and training for further career development;
...internal and external training, participation in projects and internship programs in the European countries;
...social security benefits.

Place of work:
Šeimyniškių st. 19B, Vilnius.

Position Description

  • Work in a team with a Lithuanian speaking teacher and a teacher's assistant;
  • Education and supervision of 18 children of 3-5 years age;
  • Working time: 36 hours / week (2-3 shorter workdays per week).

Lūkesčiai Jūsų kompetencijai:

If you...

...are enthusiastic, creative, and you have a warm rapport with children;
...are fluent in English and an excellent communicator;
...have a diploma of higher education and recent teaching experience;
...are passionate about inspiring children and offering them the best opportunities to learn;
...are responsible and assertive, have a calm and positive approach to working with children with complex needs;
...are able to adapt and respond to children’s individual emotional or physical needs;
...are able to support your colleagues in creating a stimulating and caring learning environment;
...are able to work as part of a team as well as independently;
...then it's you we are looking for! :)


1392-2150 €/mon. gross
Salary is paid in a stable and timely manner.
UAB „Ateities laboratorija“

UAB „Ateities laboratorija“

„Saulės gojus“ – nuo 2004 m. sėkmingai veikiantis privatus dvikalbis darželis ir mokykla. Esame inovatyvi ir moderni įstaiga, besivadovaujanti profesionalumo, bendruomeniškumo ir nepriekaištingos reputacijos principais.
Visi mūsų komandos nariai – smalsūs ir pažangūs profesionalai, „Saulės gojuje“ siekiantys augti kartu su čia besimokančiais vaikais. Mums kiekviena diena – tai naujas iššūkis, o naujas iššūkis – tai naujo atradimo galimybė. Šiandien tuo atradimu gali būti tu!

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information about UAB „Ateities laboratorija“
1857 €
Avg. salary gross
(22% didesnis už LT vidurkį)
Number of employees
1-2 mln. €
Revenue 2022 y.
Distribution of employees by salary (before taxes):
25% earn up to 1256 €
25% earn 1256-1887 €
25% earn 1887-2144 €
25% earn more than 2144 €