№1 Самый популярный портал по трудоустройству

Receptionist / Customer Service Agent Assistant

1200-1600 €/mon. Net


Work hours 16:00pm - 01:00 am Monday to Friday

1. **Empathy**: Understanding and caring about customers' concerns and feelings.

2. **Patience**: Staying calm and composed, even in challenging situations, and patiently working through issues with customers.

3. **Clear Communication**: Articulating solutions clearly and effectively, ensuring customers understand the information provided.

4. **Problem-Solving Skills**: Being resourceful and proactive in finding solutions to customers' problems.

5. **Positive Attitude**: Maintaining a friendly and positive demeanor, even when dealing with difficult customers or situations.

Job description

  • Receptionist Role
  • Answer incoming agency telephone calls and route according to agency standards
  • Keep visitors informed during waiting periods
  • Execute basic customer service tasks to the extent authorized by management, such as accepting payments, looking up client information, recording activity notes of client interactions, receiving and routing documents.
  • Service Assistant Role
  • Process renewal paperwork
  • Provide direct customer service on a limited basis as authorized by management
  • Process data and paperwork related to policy changes
  • Prepare account summaries and other internal documents
  • Provide administrative support to Customer Service Agents

Company offers

Work life balance

Remote work possibility


1200-1600 €/mon. net


Goodwill Financial, Inc. is an award winning independent insurance agency serving Eastern European and American communities in Chicago land area and majority of USA.

We bring peace of mind and financial security to businesses and families we touch.

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